Receive Shipment from another Dealer                                       $75.00

Please read Carefully:

When making a purchase from another dealer, please follow these instructions for a smooth and trouble free transaction.

  • Contact our staff via telephone or email informing us of your intended purchase. As there are some dealers we will not accept shipments from.

Those dealers are as follows;

  1. Sportsman's Guide (Bill Hicks & Company)
  2. Cabela's

Check this website often as this list may change from time to time.

No disrespect to the above mentioned business(s). It's a simple matter of their shipping policy conflicting with ours.

  • Our policy is to have the shipping FFL email us to make the initial contact. From there we will exchange information to arrange the delivery of your purchase.



Private Party Transfer               $35.00

​             NO PPT's after 4:30 pm

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   We are no longer accepting dealer transfers on any AK or AR variants until further notice. We do however still have AR's for sale in the store, and will continue to do so through the new year!

​            Sorry for any inconvience...

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